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Finally, a safety product that makes us money.
- Vice President Distribution, Utility


Of the transformers analyzed, 75% show failure signatures which would most likely have resulted in an internal fault where a sensor such as the Internal Fault Detector could have provided valuable information to the line crew during the outage event.

-Standards Engineer, Utility

The line crews will take down fewer good transformers.

-Director, T& D, Utility

Up to now, there has not been a sound, reliable test (without disconnecting the transformer and applying voltage) to detect faulted, pole-mounted transformers.

-Senior Standards Engineer, Utility

Good, simple device.

-General Manager, Utility

No brainer.

-Vice President Engineering, Utility

This is the right thing to do for our utility.

-Senior Standards Engineer, Utility

For the price why wouldn’t we have it?

-Standards Engineer, Utility

There is no doubt the device would be good for the safety of employees to prevent closing a transformer on a fault.

- Director, T&D, Utility

Easy business case, Capital vs O&M.

-Vice President, Utility

Great idea, outperform their competitor on restoration time.

-Director, Systems Planning, Utility

We really like the IFD. It’s a great idea.

-Senior Standards Engineer, Utility

Great idea. We figure about 1 in 4 transformers are usually faulty. If you will know which one has the fault, you won’t spend any minutes on that transformer.

-Standards Engineer, Utility

Now you can send a team. This one is faulty.  That is the size of the transformer and the proper location is right there.

-Standards Engineer, Utility

The real operational advantage of using IFDs is that they remove the faulted transformers from the time consuming (return to service or replace) decision making process.

-Operations Manager, Utility

Restoration is quicker because I won’t spend minutes restoring what is faulty.


Speaking to a Powerline Technician (the new title for linemen) about the IFD and I thought the statement he made about his 33 years in the trade was very interesting. He said the thing he feared the most in all his years, was refusing transformers. He said refusing a line section, you were able to patrol the line and nearly always see the problem, but a transformer you never knew if the unit was faulty and what the consequence would be.

- Engineer