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After more than 14 years and nearly One Million IFD’s in service, line crews have come to trust the IFD to tell them when a transformer has an internal fault. Today the IFD is a benchmark in transformer safety that provides a simple, easy-to-use message:

“See the signal, replace the transformer!”

The IFD is a sensor that detects and indicates internal arcing faults in pole mounted and pad mounted distribution transformers . The sensor releases a highly visible orange signal that informs line workers the transformer has an internal fault and needs to be replaced. The IFD always saves time whether it activates or not.

In addition to improving worker safety, the maintenance free IFD mechanical sensor provides set-it-and-forget-it operation and a typical 12:1 return on investment over the life of the transformer.

The IFD represents value whether it activates or not.

Contact your local rep for an estimate of how the IFD can start saving your utility money.