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Product Specifications

1. Certified Transformers

Suitable for installation in single and 3-phase pole mounted and pad
mounted distribution transformers.

2. Transformer Operation

The IFD is located in the airspace above the maximum operating oil
level and has no impact on the normal operation of the transformer.
Ref.: CEATI Report*.

3. Activation Level

The IFD sensor is designed to activate due to pressure rises associated with low impedance internal faults. Cert.: Simulated symmetrical and asymmetrical internal faults from 500A to 8000A. Ref.: CEATI Report*.

4. Pressure Relief

The IFD includes an integrated PRV (pressure relief valve) that can be
specified to meet either the IEEE or CSA transformer standards with a
minimum flow rate of 50 SCFM (23.5 L/s). The PRV also operates with
or without the shipping lock installed. Ref.: IEEE C57.12.20; CSA C2.2.

5. Reliable Activation

The IFD will only activate during an internal fault in the transformer.
The IFD will not activate due to faults external to the transformer or due
to normal pressure changes within the transformer. Ref.: CEATI Report*.

6. Operating Temperature Range

The IFD will operate between -40°C (-40°F) to 185°C (365°F). Ref.: IFD

7. Service Life

The IFD is manufactured from glass reinforced PBT for greater than 30
years of service. The IFD™ requires no maintenance during its service life.
Ref.: CEATI Report*.

8. Visibility

The activated IFD™ is clearly visible from at least 60′ (20m) during day
or night. Cert.: Day and night visibility test. Ref.: BC Research Inc.

9. Permanent Fault Indication

Once activated the IFD cannot be reset. The transformer must be
removed from service.

10. Standards

The IFD conforms to: IEEE C57.12.20, CSA C2.2, IEC 61936-1.

11. Quality & Testing

Each IFD sensor is individually tested in a calibrated chamber to ensure activation as designed. Some examples of additional tests:

  • Lightning Impulse
    An IFD equipped transformer passed the lightning impulse test at a
    level 16% above the rating. Ref.: CEATI Report*.
  • Mechanical Vibration
    Tests on IFD equipped transformers confirm that providing the
    shipping lock is properly installed, the signal will not activate during
    normal transformer transportation or handling. Ref.: CEATI Report*.
  • Shipping & Handling
    The IFD™ incorporates a removable shipping lock for transportation and
    storage. This prevents accidental activation of the mechanical sensor.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Always transport IFD equipped transformers with
    the shipping lock installed. Ref.: IFD Engineering.